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Who we are

Sínia Occupational Therapy Centre

The Occupational Center Sínia is a service that depends on the Generalitat de Catalunya aimed at the care of people with physical disability in working age who have finished their corresponding training period and due to their degree of need for support, they can hardly be incorporated -to get into the workplace.

The objective is to improve the quality of life of the people attended, favoring their autonomy and offering projects to develop their concerns. The mission is to offer an innovative alternative to occupational therapy services, enhancing the relationship with the environment.

Let us ensure that the users of the C.O. Sínia are another part of the social and neighborhood fabric of the Gothic. The C.O. Sinia and all the people who are part of it have the will to take root in the territory and build human ties with the environment through different actions such as the dynamization of activities and events open to all, the organization of sociocultural routes with the Participation of students and users or the holding of specific days.

In a neighborhood that is damaged by real estate speculation and the social and economic consequences of mass tourism, we have the will to put the community in value, to promote its life and that the doors of our Center are not a barrier because we are part of the neighborhood and we want it alive, popular and where users of the Center and the professional team are a part of the neighborhood.

Who we are​